What is Vedic Math?

The term “Vedic” refers to the ancient Indian system of mathematics that is rooted in sixteen principles or “Sutras.” The Vedic system is deeply rooted in mathematical logic, trigonometry, calculus and algorithms. By learning Vedic math, your child will have an understanding of the very foundation of mathematics.

Vedic math, simply put, is an approach to mathematics that allows children to perform calculations mentally with great accuracy, simplicity, and speed. For your child, it means having an advantage in mathematics and logic that will help them to excel in the classroom and beyond.

Benefits of Vedic Math

Attention & concentration

Vedic Math trains students to process calculations mentally while focusing on the numbers. The focus on and holding numbers will improve students’ Attention & Concentration.

Visualization Ability

Vedic Math trains students to figure out and visualize the special patterns of a Math solution. This will train and develop students’ Visual Ability.

Enhance Memory

Vedic Math is an absolute mental calculation system where students need to mentally hold numbers and pictures during their calculation process. This improves their Memory

Improve Creativity

Vedic Math allows multiple ways to solve a Math problem. Students must figure out and decide which way is most suitable for the particular problem, encouraging them to be creative in problem solving.

Increase Processing Speed

Vedic Math increase speed in mental calculation. Our techniques give rise to one-line solutions, exercising the child’s Processing Speed.

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